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British Columbia

16 November, 2023

Emergency Alerts And Accessibility!

Via ATtainable Accessibility Solutions:

Emergency alerts are important to everyone. They tell us about emergencies and what to do. These emergencies can be crimes, kidnappings, or earthquakes. You can get these alerts on your cellphone, TV, or radio. You may also see the alert in a text message or on a social media website. There are two emergency alert tests every year.

Look out for any emergency alerts you get on your cellphone, TV, and radio. You don’t have to interact with them at all. But we want to know if you can see, hear, or understand the alerts.

After the alerts, please fill out the survey at to tell us if you had any problems or concerns with the alerts.

You can fill out the survey even if you miss the test. If you have received a real emergency alert in the past and had an issue with it, we want to hear from you.

How Do I Participate?

You can take our online survey. The survey starts on November 16, 2023. If you live in Canada and have a disability, or if you are caring for a Canadian with a disability, we want to hear from you.

Your answers are important. They will help us send emergency alerts to people in a better way.

What Do I Get for Helping?

If you finish the whole survey, we will send you a $35 Amazon gift card. Please make sure the contact information you give in the survey is right. If it is wrong, you will not receive the gift card. We will send the gift card to you a few weeks after you finish the survey.

How Do I Stay in Touch?

You can send us an email if you have questions about the survey or want to know the survey results. Or if you want to know about our future projects. Please send an email to

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