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We want whoever is elected government on September 20th to commit to fast action to implement a Canada Disability Benefit. Now, more than ever, we need to ensure the Canadian Disability Benefit is a priority for your local candidate! Get out and vote!

One in five Canadian voters live with a disability: It’s time the country came together to end disability poverty. The disabled population in Canada forms a considerable voting base. Pre-pandemic, 22% of all Canadians were disabled.

Political parties need to pay attention to what is important to the more than 6 million disabled Canadians in advance of the federal election on September 20.

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New Release: Survey on Poverty and Disability

89 % of Canadians overwhelmingly support fast action on the Canada Disability Benefit.

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Straight talk to help voters

A pandemic, a minority government and our 44th election--nothing we asked for, but have to do right by. An election in the midst of the fourth wave of this pandemic is not what many Canadians wanted, but this is politics. It is indeed a defining moment in our history as a country. As a society, [...]

Vote Canada Disability Benefit

The proposed Canada Disability Benefit is a big deal. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to significantly reduce the poverty experienced by 1.4 million Canadians with disabilities.

What does a Canadian Disability Benefit look like to you?

Do you have a disability? Do you have a friend or family member with a disability? Are you an ally to the Disability Community?

our three actions

To make the Canada Disability Benefit a reality, we need:

  1. A united disability movement
  2. The support of all Canadians
  3. To work closely with federal, provincial and territorial governments

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