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We are a movement led by people with disabilities
supported by our families, friends, service providers, allies and organizations.

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Thank you! There were 17,874 of you who signed the House of Commons petition calling for:

  • Fast-tracking the design and implementation of the Canada Disability Benefit
  • Active and genuine involvement of disabled people every step of the way, from start to finish.

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New Release: Survey on Poverty and Disability

89 % of Canadians overwhelmingly support fast action on the Canada Disability Benefit.

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Press release: Federal government tables Canada Disability Benefit Act for a second time

On June 2nd, 2022, the federal government took an important step towards lifting disabled Canadians out of poverty by tabling Bill C-22

The Basics of a Bill Webinar with Senator Brent Cotter – June 9th, 2022

Join Disability Without Poverty for a conversation with Senator Brent Cotter! Learn about the basics of how a federal bill is passed, what this means for a Canada Disability Benefit, and how we can ensure our voices lead the conversation every step of the way.

Press release: Disability Poverty Advocates Applaud NDP Motion for the Canada Disability Benefit

Disability Poverty Advocates Applaud NDP Motion for the Canada Disability Benefit

our three actions

To make the Canada Disability Benefit a reality, we need:

  1. A united disability movement
  2. The support of all Canadians
  3. To work closely with federal, provincial and territorial governments

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