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CDB Clawback Map of Canada

Map Legend

If a province or territory is coloured:

GREEN – they have officially announced no clawback of the CDB.

RED – they have officially announced possible clawbacks of the CDB.

YELLOW – we have received unofficial confirmation that this province will not clawback the CDB. There has yet to be official confirmation.

GREY – the province has yet to release any information regarding clawbacks of the CDB.


Text-description of map:

The following provinces have publicly declared that there will be no clawbacks of the CDB:

– Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba and Nova Scotia

The following provinces have unofficially declared that there will be no clawbacks of the CDB:

– British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta

No province has officially declared that they will allow clawbacks of the CDB.

Disability Statistics by Province

Province or territory nameProvincial support programProvince support monthly amountHow many people are enrolled in this program?What percentage of people under 65 years old receive this support?Market Basket Measure poverty line amountGap between support amount and poverty line
BCBCEA-Disability Assistance Branch$1,483.4143,9453.3%$2,294.25 (Vancouver)$810.85
AlbertaAISH$1,86372,200             *See Note 1*2%$2,264.29 (Edmonton)$401.29
ManitobaManitoba Supports for Persons with Disabilities$1,16624,100              *see Note 2*5.3%$2,088.71 (Winnipeg)$922.71
New BrunswickExtended Benefits Program$9076,5431%$2,002.29 (Moncton)$1,095.29
Newfoundland and LabradorIncome Support$1,08329,000             *see Note 3*7.2%                  *see Note 3*$2,090.29 (St.John’s)$1,007.29
Nova ScotiaEmployment Support and Income Assistance$95013,7951.72%$2,149.88 (Halifax)$1,199.88
OntarioOntario Disability Support Program$1,188.67498,0574%$2,050.67 (Hamilton)$862
Prince Edward IslandAccessAbility Supports$1,426.672,277 *see Note 1*1.7%$2,095.33 (Charlottetown)$668.66
QuebecBasic Income Program/ Social Solidarity Program$1,548 (B.I.P) $1,205 (S.S.P)87,7971.7%$1,888.79 (Montreal)$340.79 (B.I.P), $683.79 (S.S.P)
SaskatchewanSaskatchewan Assured Income for Disability$1,06423,0352.4%$2,098.04 (Regina)$1,034.04
YukonSocial Assistance Program$1,522.426303.4%$2,215.17 (Whitehorse)$692.75
Northwest TerritoriesIncome Assistance Program$2,123.926202.2%$2,540.46 (Yellowknife)$416.94
NunavutIncome Assistance Program$7691,4183.7%*See Note 4*




Note 1: This number represents the total number of cases (family units and unattached single adults), not beneficiaries.


Note 2: The Manitoba Supports for Persons with Disabilities was implemented in January 2023. As such, this is the number of people enrolled in the previous support program, EIA through Medical Barriers to Full Employment.


Note 3: This is the total number of individuals enrolled with Income Support. The number of disability-specific cases is not available because it is collected by the department of Health and Community Services.


Note 4: The Northern Market Basket Measure (N-MBM) for Nunavut has not yet been determined by the Government of Canada



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