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Shape the CDB Final Report

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In September 2020, the government said that they would make a new benefit called the Canada Disability Benefit (CDB). The CDB would go to disabled people who live in poverty.

This project aimed to help the government learn and understand the needs of disabled people in order to help Shape the CDB. We did this by reaching out to these communities and making space for meaningful input.

Our goals were to:

  • Connect with many disabled people across Canada to understand their views. 
  • Make special efforts to include those with disabilities who are often overlooked and left out of important decisions.
  • Share widely what people with disabilities are experiencing and their suggestions for the Canada Disability Benefit.
  • Build a community of disabled people in Canada and work together to eliminate poverty for people with disabilities in this country.

Shape the CDB has 3 phases, two of which are complete:

  • Phase 1 – Online survey: From October 17 to November 19, 2023, we used an online surveying tool and received the views of over 4000 disabled people. This survey asked about the values and issues that disabled people care about. Click here to read the full report from Phase 1. 

  • Phase 2 – Peer-to-peer conversations: From November 27- December 8, 2023, more than 300 people with disabilities participated in peer-led conversations with other disabled people in their communities and beyond about the CDB. Click here to read the full report from Phase 2.

  • Capstone Report: In March 2024, we released the Shape the CDB capstone report that highlights the key findings from both phases of this project. This shares a more complete picture about what a great number of people with disabilities, from many different walks of life, need from the benefit so they can live with more dignity, autonomy, power, and possibility. Click here to read the full capstone report.

  • Phase 3: We are currently in the process of taking Phases 1 and 2 back to our online community at the DWP Action Group and asking for their thoughts on aspects of it. The DWP Action Group is comprised of people who took part in the earlier parts of this project, and who agreed to continue their involvement to Shape the CDB.
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