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poverty is…

Fully Inclusive

We want to work with everyone who is committed to ending poverty for people with disabilities in Canada. Whether you are an individual, family member, friend, Facebook group member, coalition, foundation, business/corporation, professional, service provider, nonprofit, religious group, ally or accomplice.

Let’s magnify our efforts and get as many of us moving in the same direction as possible.

Led by disabled people

We strive to represent the full diversity of our community. Disabilities may be physical, mental and cognitive; visible or invisible; chronic and episodic.

We respect the human rights of persons of every race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and social status and welcome your involvement.


We want to make sure there is room for individuals, and informal groups as well as formal organizations. We aim for representation from all over the country, not just the big cities.

We are organized around the everyday experience of disability.

Independently financed

Our ability to advocate and partner with government is compromised when we take government funds.

We are supported by private and community foundations to preserve our independence.



Mobilize Our Voice and Power

As disabled people, we must make sure we are involved in all stages of securing the Canada Disability Benefit, from design to legislation to implementation. That means developing a shared vision and achieving consensus on tough questions, rather than letting the government decide.

Work with Government

We want to make sure the Canadian Disability Benefit significantly reduces disability poverty. That means learning everything we can about what it could look like, working with economists and policy experts to help us identify key design features, and exploring different models.

We are determined to find the best and quickest way to get the new monthly Canada Disability Benefit into the bank accounts of disabled people.

Secure public support for ending disability poverty

We won’t end poverty for people with disabilities without the support of every Canadian. It means being active on social media, in mainstream media, recruiting thought leaders and educating everyone on what it means to be disabled and living in poverty. Your engagement is paramount for success in achieving the Canada Disability Benefit.

We want people with disabilities

to be prosperous

realize our power

pursue our passions

participate in every aspect of society

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