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Shape the CDB Phase 2


In the peer-to-peer process, disabled people had conversations and shared with each other their wants, needs, and hopes for the Canada Disability Benefit (CDB). Most were happy to be asked about the benefit and would like for people with disabilities to be a part of creating the CDB and putting it into action. 

Almost everybody wants the benefit to happen very quickly, because living with a disability in Canada is difficult and expensive. Right now, things like housing and health care are challenging for everybody, and even harder for people with disabilities.

It is more expensive to be disabled. It is harder to get a job. This stress can affect people physically, emotionally, and mentally. As one group shared: “Poverty itself is disabling.” Nobody should be poorer because they have a disability. 

At the same time, people have hope that the CDB can bring real change. When it is easier to afford the things they need to live comfortably, people with disabilities can have more time and energy to live proud and productive lives. More money can mean more independence and more dignity. 

Most of the peer-to-peer participants want to make sure that the CDB is easy to apply for and receive, no matter who they are or what shape their disability or disabilities take.

They want a benefit that can work well for everybody who needs it, no matter where they live and who they live with, how much money their spouse or family makes, whether or not they have a job, and what other benefits they have.

People with disabilities deserve to thrive, and this group hopes the CDB can help make this happen.

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