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Bill C-22 is a proposed federal income supplement to move people with disabilities out of poverty.

Keeping track of Bill C-22’s progress

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Completed steps

Our written submission to HUMA

November 16 HUMA committee meeting

November 14 HUMA committee meeting

November 2 HUMA committee meeting

October 31 HUMA committee meeting

Second reading – October 18, 2022

First reading – June 2, 2022

Text of Bill C-22


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Current status

Current status (LEGISinfo)

Translation of written submissions (may take until first week of December)

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Upcoming events

Report from HUMA Committee

Third Reading in House of Commons


Sitting days for House of Commons


Bring in the Canada Disability Benefit without delay

Bring in the Canada Disability Benefit without delay

Disability Without Poverty asks MPs and Senators to accelerate this bill through Parliament. Working together, let’s help end disability poverty so that people with disabilities can live with basic dignity.

Days of Action on Parliament Hill

Days of Action on Parliament Hill

Our delegation of ten people were in Ottawa October 17 to 19 to meet with representatives from all parties, including MPs, Senators, as well as opposition critics. October 17 was the International Day to Eradicate poverty and we wanted to spotlight disability poverty given that 41% of people living in poverty are disabled and 50% of people facing food insecurity are disabled.

Rally for #CDBBy23

Rally for #CDBBy23

Join us for a rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday, October 19th at 12 noon. This is during the same week as the UN Day for the Elimination of Poverty. ASL and LSQ, interpretation will be provided.

Basics of the Canada Disability Benefit

Basics of the Canada Disability Benefit

We’ll be discussing potential eligibility, benefit amount, claw backs, timelines, and more! With so much still to be determined about the specifics of the benefit, we all have a lot of questions. Professor Robson from Carleton University with share her expertise and perspectives so we can better understand what some key considerations may be when it comes to designing the benefit.

Turning Bill C-22 into the Canada Disability Benefit Act

Turning Bill C-22 into the Canada Disability Benefit Act

Saskatchewan Senator Brent Cotter and Greg McMeekin, Alberta’s Advocate for Persons with Disabilities, held a webinar moderated by the Co-Chair of Disability Without Poverty, Michelle Hewitt, to explain the process of how a bill becomes law in Canada and answer questions that have arisen about this process. Below is an overview of that process.

Basics of a bill

Basics of a bill

Learn about the basics of how a federal bill is passed, what this means for a Canada Disability Benefit, and how we can ensure our voices lead the conversation every step of the way.

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