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bill c-22

Bill C-22 is a proposed federal income supplement to move people with disabilities out of poverty.

Keeping track of Bill C-22’s progress

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Completed steps

Royal Assent June 22, 2023

Third Reading in Senate – May 18, 2023

Report from SOCI committee submitted May 11

May 10 SOCI committee meeting

May 4 SOCI committee meeting

May 3 SOCI committee meeting

April 27 SOCI committee meeting

April 20 SOCI committee meeting

April 19 SOCI committee meeting

March 30 SOCI committee meeting

March 29 SOCI committee meeting

March 23 SOCI committee meeting

March 22 SOCI committee meeting

Second Reading in Senate – March 9, 2023

First Reading in Senate – February 2, 2023

Third Reading – February 2, 2023

Our written submission to HUMA

Translation of all 152 written submissions into both languages

Report from HUMA Committee submitted December 14

December 13 HUMA Committee meeting

December 7 HUMA committee meeting

November 16 HUMA committee meeting

November 14 HUMA committee meeting

November 2 HUMA committee meeting

October 31 HUMA committee meeting

Second reading – October 18, 2022

First reading – June 2, 2022

Text of Bill C-22


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Current status

Current status (LEGISinfo)

Governor General grated Royal Assent June 22, 2023.

Bill C-22 came into force June 22, 2024.

Public consultation on draft regulations on Canada Disability Benefit open until September 23, 2024.

12 month deadline on regulations started June 22, 2024.

Interior of red chamber where Senate of Canada sits

Upcoming events

Sitting days for Senate

Sitting days for House of Commons


Disability With Possibility

Disability With Possibility

Disability With Possibility
What we learned from disabled people across Canada on Shaping the Canada Disability Benefit.

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