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British Columbia

21 February, 2024

DWP Newsletter: December 2023

This month we are proud to feature our partnering organization, Uniti!
UNITI is the partnership of three affiliated societies that have provided important community services for decades: Semiahmoo House Society provides quality services and support to people with disabilities and their families in Surrey and White Rock.  Peninsula Estates Housing Societyprovides affordable and inclusive housing that reflects the diversity of our community.  The Semiahmoo Foundation ensures that UNITI has the recognition, relationships and resources to support an inclusive community. Together we’re stronger! As UNITI partners, “together we’re stronger” internally, in our community and internationally. UNITI promotes inclusion and creates models that will influence societal change. 
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Disability Story of the Month:

Disability Credit and Benefit for All: Even those in the ‘Grey Zone’ By D.F. Valentina 

Hello, I’m Valentina. I have experienced multiple traumas and therefore have a large range of disabilities and medical needs. I will break them up into three crucial events. Before that, one should take note that there are different types of disability benefits (provincial, private insurance, WCB (Work Place) and CPP Disability). Not all disability recipients have the same medical benefits for their medical needs. This is an overview of my three crucial events leading to multiple traumas, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI’s) and many other disabilities. In 2010, 2012, of no fault of my own, I was in two car accidents.  Diagnosis includes: chronic pain, soft tissue injury, TMJ, tinnitus. 1. Private employment medical insurance covered many treatments for these conditions, such as visits to the TMD Dentist, medical devices such as a splint, all pharmaceuticals, such as pain medicine, chiropractor, acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage, some naturopath and holistic treatments. However, now that I am no longer employed, I have no benefits to cover medical needs for these conditions. 2. In 2016, in Alberta, I was involved in a ‘workplace incident’ a sexual assault. I was granted CPP Disability during the long 16 month unpaid gap waiting for WCB. WCB stepped in and after 6 ½ years of compassionate care, in attempt to re-enter me into the workforce, it resulted in the conclusion of me being “Totally Disabled”. Diagnoses include: Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), Dissociation, Night Terrors. I’ve had a positive experience with WCB, however they are bound by guidelines and only cover pharmaceuticals medication related to managing the above noted diagnosis. They do not cover any other pharmaceuticals, or holistic treatments or health supplements. I pay for all these myself. read more. 
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