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Who Are We

we believe

Ending disability poverty is an act of love and justice

Love for others is the moral foundation of a caring society. Love believes we are all equal and equally valued. Love is demanding.

Love calls for toughness and moral courage. It wants us to be daring and bold in the service of justice and to fulfill our social responsibility.

Justice means every Canadian regardless of disability should be able to afford the basic essentials of life and to enthusiastically participate in society without
financial, physical or social barriers.

Justice is not a fixed set of laws and rules. It is a belief in making things better. Justice is a process that bends in the direction of inclusion.

Canada has the resources to end disability poverty

Our job is to make sure it has the will. Strong public support comes before bold political decision making. To ensure our federal government fulfills its promise to create a Canada Disability Benefit, will require a united disability movement and broad public support.

It’s been done before. The Old Age Security/Guaranteed Income Supplement benefits effectively ended poverty for seniors in the country. The Canada Child Benefit is doing the same for children. Now it’s time for disabled people.

Breakthroughs happen during periods of societal upheaval

COVID-19 has exposed the extent of discrimination experienced by people with disability in Canada and has exposed the willingness of ordinary Canadians to help each other, and encouraging government to build forward together by addressing widespread gaps in our social infrastructure. We believe the stars are aligning between our bold expectations and bold political decision making.

We have more power than we think so let’s claim it

Let’s not let the boundaries of that power be defined by others. Instead, let’s fashion our own liberation story.

a just society is love in action

core actions

Mobilize Our Voice and Power

As disabled people, we have to make sure we are involved in all stages of securing a Disability Benefit from design to legislation to implementation. That means we develop a shared vision and achieve consensus on tough questions rather than letting the government decide. It also means we ensure the Disability Benefit receives the support of every political party and every Premier.

Work with Government on Designing the Disability Benefit

We want to make sure the Canada Disability Benefit significantly reduces disability poverty. That means learning everything we can about what a potential Disability Benefit could look like. We are working with economists and policy experts to help us identify key design features. We are exploring different models.

We are determined to find the quickest way to get a new monthly Disability Benefit into the bank accounts of disabled Canadians.

Secure public support for ending disability poverty

We won’t end poverty for people with disabilities without the support of every Canadian. That means working with disabled artists to get the attention and capture the hearts of all Canadians. It also means being active on social media, in mainstream media, recruiting thought leaders and champions and doing public opinion polling. Your engagement is paramount for success.

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